Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Guide

Do you ever wish that the information in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment owner's manuals and factory service manuals was easier to follow, understand, and use in the field?

Have you ever had the feeling that when air conditioning and refrigeration textbooks discuss scientific details and theory, they should also be explaining the practical everyday ways that HVAC technicians use that science and theory on the job?

Well, in this guide you'll find some common-sense tips about maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing a variety of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and you might even find a page that discusses the exact type of system you're working on, the difficulties you're facing, and solutions that can save you some time and money.

And even if it turns out that you don't find the perfect solution for your exact problem, you might discover some ideas or suggestions that help you get pointed in the right direction to find the answers you need.

And please, feel free to contact us with any specific questions you might have that aren't covered in the site.

Are you a home-owner or business-owner?

Are you in the process of selecting some air conditioning and refrigeration equipment?

And have you also been wondering how to find the best service provider in your area?

Have you been having problems with your equipment, or with the service technicians who work on your equipment?

Our Home Air Conditioning, Central Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Repair, and Air Conditioning Contractor pages were written to help non-technicians find answers to technical questions.

Are you a service company?

Have you run into an unusual technical problem?

Our Air Conditioning Troubleshooting or Water Chiller System pages might have some ideas or suggestions that can help you find your solution; and they might even lead you directly to the information you need.

Are you a technician having difficulties with a piece of equipment?

Maybe it's a fairly complicated machine, with no wiring schematic?

Or maybe somebody else replaced a compressor, metering device, blower, or worked on the controls, and now you're following up to get the system working right?

Are you looking for some service guidance about a piece of equipment you've been asked to work on that you aren't familiar with?

Are you looking for information about retrofitting an old R-12 or R-502 machine to use R 409A, R 134A, or R 404A?

Are you doing a compressor replacement, but can't find the exact same compressor, and want to be sure your replacement will be correctly sized for the system?

Our Air Conditioning Troubleshooting, Water Chiller System, and Refrigeration Information pages were written to help technicians on these types of service calls find the information they need.

If you can take a few minutes to explore our site, you might discover the solution you need.

The service methods you'll find are based on 20 years of hands-on experience troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning on Guam, and refrigeration on Guam.

This work experience includes repairs on a wide variety of models, styles, and sizes of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; from 5000 BTU window air conditioners up to 200 ton chillers;

Reach in, walk in, and warehouse size medium and low temperature refrigeration equipment;

Ice machines from a number of different manufacturers;

Carbonated and non-carbonated slush and granita machines from different manufacturers;

A variety of other types of cold beverage storage, merchandising, and dispensing machines;

Soft serve ice cream machines from Taylor, Sani Serve, and other manufacturers;

Thermo-King truck and transport refrigeration equipment;

Air conditioning and refrigeration machinery on several U S Navy, USNS, and civilian ships;

And I've also taught air conditioning and refrigeration for a couple of semesters at the local community college.

I learned this trade by working with a lot of HVAC technicians who are smarter and more talented than I am, so I don't have any delusions about being the smartest or greatest technician around.

I just hope that my attempts to provide some common sense guidance on this site will actually make sense, and be useful.

Thank You very much for visiting,

Mike Taitano

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Air Conditioning on Guam: common sense tips from an experienced technician.
Essential information about air conditioning on Guam, for owners and technicians.
Crucial information about refrigeration on Guam, for owners and technicians.
Common sense tips about refrigeration on Guam that could help you save some time and money.
Air conditioning system commissioning and startup: a common sense guide.
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What, Exactly, is an Air Conditioning Contractor?
A good air conditioning contractor will provide comfort and peace of mind, at home, and at work.
The air conditioning cooling process involves a fascinating series of events.
How does the air conditioning cooling process make the air blow cold inside, and why does hot air blow out of the outside unit?
Air conditioning freezing? Let's check out your unit and find out why.
Air conditioning freezing is a pretty common problem. Let's take a look at the causes.
Air conditioning repair advice from a technician with 20 years experience.
Successful air conditioning repair is done one step at a time.
A factory air conditioning schematic for your unit can save you time and money.
An air conditioning schematic can tell you how, when, and why a unit will start, run, and stop.
Air conditioning troubleshooting is simple, but not necessarily easy.
Air conditioning troubleshooting is done one careful step at a time.
Optimize central air conditioning efficiency: a technician explains how.
Discover how you might be able to reduce your central air conditioning power consumption.
Basic water chiller system information.
Discover how your water chiller system works on the same principles as a window air conditioner.
Vital commercial freezer information from an experienced technician.
Common sense solutions for commercial freezer problems.
Crucial commercial refrigeration equipment tips for owners and technicians.
Commercial refrigeration equipment information that might help you save some money.
A good HVAC book can provide a detailed and colorful view of HVAC technology.
Even the best HVAC book will lack one crucial set of lessons: what technicians learn from their mistakes.
HVAC service tips for new technicians.
These HVAC service tips might help you stay calm and collected while you figure things out.
Good HVAC training can launch you into a rewarding career.
Which method of HVAC training will work best for you?
Money-saving home air conditioning unit tips.
Home air conditioning unit cost-cutting tactics.
Help your ice cream machine produce delicious ice cream efficiently & reliably.
A guide to ice cream machine installation, maintenance, and service, from an experienced technician.
Crucial commercial ice maker service information for owners and technicians.
Discover how you can help your commercial ice maker run reliably and efficiently.
Practical ice maker troubleshooting tips that might save you some time.
Ice maker troubleshooting is easier if you take it one step at a time.
Packaged unit air conditioning advantages from a technician's point of view.
How can packaged unit air conditioning save you money?
Understand the refrigeration cooling equipment we depend on every day.
Refrigeration cooling equipment: 5 major components.
Common sense refrigeration information you can use today.
Some basic refrigeration information that might help you find answers to your refrigeration questions.
Contact Us with questions or comments.
Contact us if you have comments or questions about our content, or about troubleshooting your unit.
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