Refrigeration on Guam

We all enjoy the benefits of refrigeration on Guam, and the refrigerators and freezers in our homes and businesses aren't just conveniences.

Thanks to refrigeration we can eat fresh food from many different places in the world; we can have a refreshing, cold glass of milk any time of the day; and we can store frozen food right at home.

To help keep your household refrigeration on Guam running efficiently, keep the condensers clean and allow good air flow through them.

Every once in a while pull the unit out away from the wall for cleaning.

If there's a grill on the bottom remove it, and use a vacuum cleaner and small brush to clean the dust off the coil you'll find behind it.

If you've never cleaned it you might be surprised by the amount of dust you find.

If there's a cardboard cover on the bottom at the back of the unit remove it, and use a vacuum cleaner and a small brush to clean the fan and coil you find there.

Once again, you might be surprised by how thick the dust is.

Be sure to replace the cover carefully.

It helps guide the air flow through the condenser coil.

The condensing units for commercial refrigeration on Guam; in restaurants, stores, and warehouses, also need to be kept as clean as possible.

Turn the units off and clean the coils at least once a month; and take a quick look at them every day to make sure that the fans are running, and that nothing is blocking air flow through the coils.

For both home and commercial equipment, making sure that there's always good air flow through the condensing coil will help prevent higher power bills, and will also help prevent damage to the compressor.

Some things to avoid, with both household and commercial refrigeration equipment:

Avoid installing a refrigeration unit in direct sunlight.

Don't install a refrigeration unit near other appliances that will vent heat, dirt, oil, or grease on it.

Don't install a refrigeration unit outside in a hot area if it's designed for use indoors.

If you're shopping for a refrigerator for your home or apartment, any of the major Asian or American brands that have been on island for years should work fine.

Get the best price and warranty you can find, and let your pocketbook be your guide.

If you're shopping for commercial refrigeration on Guam, be sure to be very clear with the distributor and manufacturer about exactly what your requirements are.

Refrigeration equipment is available from all of the major manufacturers; so shop around and get the best price, warranty, and quality of service that you possibly can.

Technicians working on refrigeration on Guam might find some helpful information in our System Evaluation Manual, which has a cycle diagram and guidelines for evaluating pressures and temperatures of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, our Refrigeration and Electrical Troubleshooting Chart, which is re-printed from a military training manual, and in our Commercial Refrigerator Troubleshooting, Refrigeration Control System, and Freezer Repair pages.

I hope this page has helped, and please, feel free to contact us with any specific HVAC questions you might have, including questions about refrigeration on Guam, or air conditioning on Guam.

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