Electrical Textbooks

These free electrical textbooks are in pdf format so you can download them to your computer, and print them out if you want to.

They are copies of recent editions of electrical textbook training modules, and they cover all of the electronic and electrical fundamentals that are the foundation of education in this field.

If you're working in any field that involves electricity, whether it's air conditioning and refrigeration or another technical trade; if you haven't had the chance to take any electricity classes, these free electrical textbooks would be a good alternative.

Module 1 of these electrical textbooks is "Introduction to Matter, Energy, and Direct Current", and is 283 pages.

It has a short history of electricity and electronics, then proceeds to cover the characteristics of matter, energy, and direct current.

It also discusses the safety precautions and first aid procedures that people working in the field should know.

Please feel free to open Module 1 now.

Module 2 of these textbooks is "Introduction to Alternating Current and Transformers", and is 252 pages.

It introduces alternating current, transformers, basic ac theory, and the fundamentals of electromagnetism, inductance, capacitance, and impedance.

Feel free to open Module 2 now.

Module 3 of these electrical textbooks is "Introduction to Circuit Protection, Control, and Measurement", and is 214 pages.

It covers circuit breakers, fuses, and current limiters, as well as the theory and use of test meters.

If you're interested, go ahead and open Module 3 now.

Module 4 of these electrical textbooks is "Introduction to Electrial Conductors, Wiring Techniques, and Schematic Reading", and is 152 pages.

It covers conductor usage, insulation, splicing, termination of wiring, soldering, and how to read electrical wiring diagrams.

If you'd like to, go ahead and open Module 4 now.

Module 5 of these electrical textbooks is "Introduction to Generators and Motors", and is 120 pages.

It introduces generators and motors, and discusses how ac and dc generators and motors are used.

If you'd like to study it, go ahead and open Module 5 now.

These electrical textbooks have self-test type quizzes all the way through them and the answers are in the back of the books, so they can be used as self-paced electronics and electricity courses.

I hope this page, and these books, will help; and please, feel free to contact us with any specific questions you might have, including questions about air conditioning on Guam, and refrigeration on Guam.

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