Find an Air Conditioning Contractor

If you're trying to find an air conditioning contractor who will install, maintain, and repair your equipment for a reasonable price, and who will do excellent quality work,

I'd like to help you find the best service company possible.

First of all, I hope you're a pro-active customer getting ready for the day you'll need to have some work done, and not in need of immediate, emergency repairs.

But if it's an emergency,

And you need your air conditioning repaired immediately, maybe because of health reasons; and you haven't already established a relationship with a good service company or technician,

The best thing to do is ask someone you know and trust, maybe a relative, a neighbor, or a friend, if they can help you find an air conditioning contractor or technician.

Pick up the phone, call them up, and ask them to come and fix your air conditioner.

If they can come right away, relax, and get on with the rest of your day as calmly as you can.

If they can't come right away, tell them to call you when the tech is on the way, because you're going to call around to several companies, and the first one to knock on your door will get the job.

Remember, this is a health related emergency, right?

If you don't get any referrals, you'll have to find an air conditioning contractor in the Yellow Pages of the phone book, or the internet.

The first thing to do is find out the manufacturer (brand name) and model number of your air conditioner.

The manufacturer's name and the unit model number will be on an information plate or sticker somewhere on the unit. If it is a window air conditioner, you may have to take off the front cover to find it.

This information will help the air conditioning contractor or service technician determine whether or not he needs to bring additional parts along so he'll have a better chance of completing the repair in one visit.

Helping the technician save time will save you money.

Try to find an air conditioning contractor in the phone book who is a distributor, dealer, or authorized service representative for the brand of air conditioner you own.

This won't guarantee that you'll get good service, but it is the best first step to take.

Call as many service companies as you want to, request service, and tell them you're calling around and that the first technician to knock on the door gets the job.

Some companies may not appreciate this approach, might not be interested in responding to your service request, and might frown on a technician advising customers to try this.

But this page is being written for the benefit of the customer who's paying the bills, and this method will probably get you a quick response from at least one service company, if not more.

The competing technicians might not be to happy if they meet each other on your doorstep, but if you need your air conditioning fixed immediately, make the calls.

Once again, this would only be recommended for a health related emergency service call.

If it isn't an emergency,

And you have time to be careful about who you choose to work on your equipment, the selection process is similar to the emergency method, but you can take time to check out the prospects, and find an air conditioning contractor you trust.

Call the companies, tell them you're trying to find an air conditioning contractor who can work on your equipment, and ask them any questions you might have about labor rates, parts costs, warranty issues, etc, and pay attention to how they treat you on the phone, and how they make you feel.

Ask them if their technicians have journeyman certificates.
In some locations this is a requirement, in others it isn't.

Ask if their technicians are EPA certified. This definitely is a requirement in the U S A.

Ask if you can visit their business, and their shop, and then do it.

Ask to see their technicians' journeyman and EPA certificates.

Take a good look at their office, shop, and employees.

Are the employees, shop, and office clean, neat, and professional looking?

Are you treated with courtesy?

Does someone take the time to give you a tour of their facility?

Does this company make you feel confident about their professionalism?

If so, you've found a good prospective contractor, and you can go on and check out a few more if you want to.

But if something about the place makes your BS alarm start buzzing,
and there are other prospects you can check out,
why waste time?

Leave whenever you feel like it.

One final step to take is to contact the Better Business Bureau, or local consumer protection agency or consumer advocate, and ask if many complaints have been filed against the contractor you're considering hiring.

Be as thorough careful as possible as you try find an air conditioning contractor.

After all, the technicians will be coming into your business, yard, and home.

I hope this advice will help you find an air conditioning contractor who will provide a quality of service so excellent that you will recommend them to everyone you know; and please, feel free to contact us with any specific HVAC questions you might have, including questions about air conditioning on Guam, or refrigeration on Guam.

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