Goodman Air Conditioning

Have you gotten a price quote on Goodman air conditioning equipment that seems more affordable than other U S made air conditioning equipment?

My advice would be to ask if it would be possible to get a 15% discount, and then buy it.

What have I seen about Goodman air conditioning equipment that impressed me?

The cover panels are well made, so it's easy to disassemble and then re-assemble the equipment for installation or major service and repairs.

The coils are well made, and I've been impressed by the way they endure severe weather and climate conditions.

The quality of the compressors, fan motors, and controls is the same as you'd get in more expensive name brand air conditioners.

After working on several hundred air conditioning systems from a number of different U S and non-U S manufacturers;

My opinion is that the overall quality control of U S made Goodman air conditioning equipment is equal to any other name brand, and definitely superior to 99.9% of asian made equipment.

Once again, this is my opinion, after years of repairing and replacing components, observing operating characteristics, and performing scheduled maintenance on a whole lot of air conditioning systems from a variety of U S and non-U S manufacturers.

Please understand, I dont work for Goodman,
I don't get a commission from Goodman,
I don't work for one of their distributors,
and I don't sell Goodman equipment.

I'm just writing this page to assure readers who might be considering buying Goodman equipment that it is well made, and not "cheap stuff".

I hope this page has helped, and please, feel free to contact us with any specific HVAC questions you might have, including questions about air conditioning on Guam, or refrigeration on Guam.

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