Hoshizaki Ice Machine

The Hoshizaki ice machine design feature I like the most is the all stainless evaporator.

You don't have to worry about the machine losing efficiency as the plating wears off, and if it gets severely scaled, you can use full strength de-scaler on it without worrying about ruining any plating.

Before I continue, if you're looking for specific and detailed factory service or technical information, you might want to go straight over to www.hoshizakiamerica.com.

The other major design feature that technicians love is that all the components that need service are accessible from the front and top of the machine.

99.9% of the time you don't have to remove a side panel, or worry about getting to the back of the machine.

This means technicians can open the front of the machine and get to work on it in a couple of minutes, which saves time on service calls and reduces labor costs.

If you're working on a Hoshizaki ice machine without a service manual and you're not familiar with them, when you first turn the switch on to make ice, the machine will fill the water sump until the float switch is satisfied.

Then it will start running in defrost to make sure all ice is off the plate, and when the suction line thermistor senses a warm suction line, the machine will cycle into freeze mode.

The freeze cycle will continue until the float switch senses a low water level in the sump, and then the machine will cycle into harvest.

During the harvest cycle the water solenoid will open, and the fill water helps warm the plate and speed up the harvest cycle.

This is an innovative Hoshizaki ice machine design feature that improves efficiency.

It requires a good volume of water flow, so when installing the machine, be sure to follow the factory recommendations regarding water supply and pipe size.

When the ice has dropped off the plate the suction line will warm up again until the thermistor is satisfied, and the machine will cycle into freeze mode again.

A small amount of water will drain from the sump during part of the harvest cycle, and the water sump drain is designed to syphon off anything that might have settled to the bottom of the sump.

You'll find that a Hoshizaki machine has a longer freeze time that other brands.

They make more ice with the long freeze cycle, with a more efficient harvest cycle.

The result is less power consumed while making the same amount of ice as other brands of ice makers.

To take advantage of these design features, maintain the machine regularly.

Make sure the condenser coil is clean, and make sure no other appliances are venting heat into it.

De-scale and sanitize the machine regularly to optimize water flow and freezing efficiency.

Install your Hoshizaki ice machine correctly, get the factory service manual and follow the maintenance and service guidelines carefully, and you can expect years of reliable, efficient service.

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