Ice Maker Filter

An ice maker filter isn't something the factory requires when you install an ice machine, but from a technician's point of view, a filter makes sense if the machine is supplied with ordinary city water.

A sediment & particle filter can slow down the process of scale build up by reducing the amount of dissolved solids that make it into the ice machine.

This will help the ice machine run efficiently for a longer period of time before it needs to be de-scaled.

A carbon ice maker filter will reduce the chlorine and metallic taste in the water, which will help the ice taste better and keep your customers coming back.

If the machine is supplied with filtered and softened water, a filter at the machine won't be necessary.

When you're selecting the filter set up, be sure to make sure the water flow through the filter meets the requirements of the machine.

Hoshizaki machines require a strong flow of water during harvest, so you need to be sure the filter you select will provide the required water flow.

I've installed a lot of 5 micron filters, and they've worked fine.

I'd say you could expect a good brand of 5 micron filter to work well for your machine too.

As far as recommending a specific brand of ice maker filter, Manitowoc leads the world in ice making technology, and I recommend their Arctic Pure filters.

Installing a good filter will help keep your machine clean, and provide your customers with top quality ice.

I hope this page has helped, and please, feel free to contact us with any specific questions you might have, including questions about refrigeration on Guam, and air conditioning on Guam.

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