Manitowoc Ice Machine

The Manitowoc ice machine is popular everywhere for a number of reasons.

From a technician's point of view, a very important factor is that the factory technical support is the best you can find.

Even before the days of the internet, I could call from overseas and be able to talk to someone who could actually answer technical questions about troubleshooting or parts.

Manitowoc has always provided excellent service manuals, and these days you can download them online at

Another reason for Manitowoc's popularity, and I think most owners and technicians would agree; the Manitowoc ice machine is manufactured with abolutely first class quality control.

I've helped install, and done maintenance on dozens of new Manitowocs, and I can only recall one machine that ever had a problem that might have been factory related, and that was a slow leak, covered by warranty.

On the subject of warranty, it's possible that before your local distributor honors the Manitowoc ice machine warranty, they'll insist on inspecting the installation of your machine before you run it. (That is, if they don't do the installation themselves.)

It's a good idea to let them do this, because they'll make sure the machine is installed for optimum efficiency and reliability, and according to Manitowoc's specifications for water supply temperature and pressure, the ambient air temperature around the ice machine, power supply, etc.

When installing a Manitowoc ice machine, be sure to follow the manufacturer's specifications about keeping clear space around the cuber and condenser.

This is to provide good air flow through the condenser coil, and it's essential for efficient operation.

You also want to be sure the cuber isn't in direct sunlight, and that no other appliances are venting heat into the condenser.

Inspect the condenser coil and filter (if installed) every week, and clean them if you see dust or grime building up.

Even a small amount of dust can reduce the efficiency of the machine and increase power consumption.

De-scale and sanitize your Manitowoc ice machine on a regular basis, and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when you prepare the de-scaling and sanitizing chemicals.

Scale build up is normal in ice machines, and is another factor that can reduce the efficiency of the machine.

Manitowoc's cleaning and sanitizing cycles are almost totally automatic; all you have to do is add the chemicals at the beginning of the cycle.

Manitowoc also has an optional cleaning cleaning attatchment that can be set to clean and sanitize the machine after a pre-set number of ice making cycles.

If you ever turn a Manitowoc machine to 'Ice', and the water pump starts but the compressor doesn't run, check the L E D's to see if it's in 'Clean' mode.

Once the switch is turned to 'Clean', newer generations of Manitowoc ice makers will finish the entire 'Clean' cycle before switching back to the ice making mode, even if the switch is turned to 'Ice' before the clean cycle is done.

Even if the machine is turned off, and then set to 'Ice', the machine will finish the clean cycle it started before it starts making ice again.

I hope this page has helped, and please, feel free to contact us with any specific HVAC questions you might have, including questions about refrigeration on Guam, and air conditioning on Guam.

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