Refrigeration Compressor

The refrigeration compressor is the heart of the system, and when it starts wearing out it will run longer, cool less efficiently, and consume more power.

The most accurate way to determine a compressor's efficiency is to get a performance chart from the manufacturer.

Run the system at full load, and verify that superheat, subcooling, and all other operating characterisitics are in the normal range.

The manufacturer's performance chart will tell you how many btu's the compressor is moving, according to the full load amperage, and the pressures and temperatures of your system.

If the refrigeration compressor is working at its rated load, and the system is not keeping the space and contents cold, the problem is not the compressor.

Make sure the refrigeration system is the correct capacity for the space and the load.

Check for possible sources of heat migrating into the space.

Verify that the system is being used as designed.

Check the controls:
Make sure the system isn't set to defrost too frequently and for too long a time,
And verify that the temperature control is installed correctly, and that it's working correctly.

Are you replacing a failed refrigeration compressor?

If the failed compressor was the correct compressor for the system, the most efficient thing to do is replace it with the exact same model.

Since you won't have to modify the piping, wiring, or mounting arrangements, you'll save time and won't have to buy extra material.

If you have to use a different model of compressor, make sure the power requirements match, make sure it is designed for the temperature range of the system, make sure it is designed for the refrigerant and oil used in the system, and make sure it has the same capacity as the original compressor, at the same evaporating temperature.

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