Taylor Ice Cream Machine

How can you help your Taylor ice cream machine run more efficiently?

What can you do to help it have a longer service life?

First, install it carefully.

Read the owners manual, and follow the installation guidelines.

Make sure the power supplied is what the machine needs.

Make sure no other appliances will vent hot air onto the Taylor ice cream machine, or into its condenser.

Make sure there is clear space as specified by the factory to allow good air flow around and through the unit.

Once the machine is in service, be careful not to block air flow through the condensing coil, inspect the condensing coil once a week to make sure that it's clean, and clean it thoroughly as soon as you see any dust or grime build-up on it.

The condensing coil is the part of the machine that releases the heat picked up from the the freezing ice cream, so the cleaner the condensing coil is, the more efficiently the machine will freeze the ice cream.

The compressor won't have to run as long to freeze the product, which will result in a lower power bill, and a longer service life for the compressor.

Keep the operator's manual for your Taylor ice cream machine handy, and follow the guidelines about cleaning, inspection, re-assembly, lubrication, and sanitation carefully.

Why take the extra time to do everything "by the book"?

1. Careful disassembly allows you to inspect all the parts for wear and cleanliness.
This will help you find and replace worn parts before they affect efficiency and product quality.

2. Careful lubrication of the right parts at the right places reduces friction between the moving parts, and the lubricant also acts as a sealant that prevents the mix from leaking around the seals.

3. Careful cleaning and sanitation helps ensure that every batch of product will consistently be excellent.

It's also a good idea to be certain the mix you're using is compatible with your machine, and be careful about how you mix your product if you're using powdered mix.

If you can, mix the whole bag according to the manufacturer's instructions, and save any extra in a sealed container, in a refrigerator.

If it's simply not possible to do this, it's important to divide the bag precisely, and mix the halves carefully.

I mention this because I've been on a lot of service calls to take care of machines that were filled with improperly mixed product.

On a regular schedule, open the side and back panels of your Taylor ice cream machine and inspect the interior to see if there are any deposits of leaked product.

If there are any deposits, clean them out to prevent insects from infesting the machine, and repair the seal that's leaking.

It's also a good idea to get a maintenance schedule from Taylor, and follow it.

Just like changing the oil and filters in an automobile, scheduled maintenance will help your Taylor ice cream machine provide more reliable service.

I hope this page has helped, and please, feel free to contact us with any specific HVAC questions you might have, including questions about refrigeration on Guam, and air conditioning on Guam.

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